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25% OFF Unlimited Wireless Plans For Teachers At AT&T

Deal - Status: Sep 30, 2021
Get 25% Discount On All Of AT&T Unlimited Wireless Plans For Teachers And Family. Check Out!
Provider: AT&T

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Eligible customers: Teachers

Teachers can use the promotion

Saving: 25%

Use coupon to receive 25% discount

Category Discount: Cell Phones

Offer valid to cell phones available on AT&T

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About AT&T

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About AT&T Teacher Discount

Always be your side to lend a hand, AT&T teacher discount is available throughout the year which can allow you to shop at any location for less. This discount is also valid on an online website by directly verifying the identification as a teacher or staff at any level at school. Save a bunch with current AT&T phones for sales and other programs for you today! The value of discount varies by select wireless internet plan, entertainment package, and latest products. Through this discount, AT&T makes it easier for teachers to access the internet for less and supports you with teaching purposes. Moreover, FindCouponHere is here for help by updating the valuable coupons for teachers. Use one of the listing AT&T teacher deals and save yourself up to $600/year.

AT&T Teacher Discount: Offers

If you wonder how much you can save at AT&T through the teacher discount program, here is the appropriate answer for you. According to AT&T, teacher discount is available for both educators and their families. By applying this discount for any purchase at AT&T, you are able to get the best price on unlimited wireless plans and premium services. This saving can make up an incredible number up to $600/year on the AT&T Unlimited Elite plan for 4 lines.

No matter where you work, AT&T will deliver the best discount for teachers on its products and services.

  • 25% OFF on AT&T Unlimited StarterSM from $26.25/mo. per line with 4 lines per month
  • Access T-Mobile Magenta Max1
  • Discount on Verizon Start Unlimited
  • Discount on DIRECTV start as low as $65
  • Discount on AT&T Unlimited Extra starting at $30/month for 4 lines
  • Discount on AT&T Unlimited Elite starting at $37.5.month

There are many more offers for teachers that enable them to purchase at AT&T for less. Explore more discounts at FindCouponHere!

AT&T Teacher Discount: Eligibility

For the special discount like teacher discounts, there are conditions for the verification. To find out whether you are eligible for this discount or not, get more details through this list:

  • K-12 staff: Teacher, faculty, or staff working at a private or public K-12 School is able to receive the discount.
  • Kindergarten through a postsecondary teacher is qualified for teacher discount from AT&T
  • Homeschool teachers teaching k-12 students or school board members are qualified for Apple teacher discounts.
  • PTA or PTO executives who are currently serving and were elected or appointed can also get the discounts.

These are the initial conditions for the qualification of AT&T teacher discount. You are required to pass the approval from AT&T staff when submitting the essential documents for the educator program. You’ll need to submit proof of eligibility within 14 days of activating your discount.

How to Get AT&T Teacher Discount

In order to redeem the AT&T teacher discount, get your deals from FindCouponHere first. This step will direct you to the AT&T teacher discount program where you can receive a discount of up to 25% on a wireless internet plan. Since the value of the discount is rather high, you will need to verify your career.

  • Upload Phone number
  • Provide employee badge including your name and current position
  • Show a pay stub less than 30 days old including your name and position
  • Provide the state teaching license or certification
  • Present a letter of employment within the last 30 days

Remember to blur sensitive information such as social security numbers before submitting it to AT&T. The proof of eligibility should be uploaded within 14 days of activating your discount. Once your submission is approved, you will receive an email for enrollment. Follow the guideline listed via your email and finish your payment.

How Long does the AT&T Teacher Discount Last?

The discount for teachers is valid until you are no longer an eligible K-12 teacher, or college or university faculty member or instructor anymore. When your teaching ID card is expired, you will need to pay full for wireless internet plans or you can add other discounts from AT&T.