Vital Choice Seafood Reviews: What makes it outstanding in the market?

Having Wild Salmon and Sustainable Seafood delivered to your home online? Sounds weird and hard to believe, right? We are doubtful of Vital Choice - an online company that provides fresh food and marine products for home delivery. We have thus explored its business products to assess if the company meets its claims.

About Vital Choice Seafood

Vital Choice is one of the incredible firms, dedicated to its position on sustain marine products. The company started with a small group of people led by Randy Hartnell - a former Alaskan Fisherman. The preparing and shipping process had been practiced multiple times before shipping to customers to ensure that their products were still fresh to the customer’s homes. This makes the feature of their service, as result, become the mission of the company. After two decades of development, Vital Choice has built up its main products with sustainably harvested seafood and expanded substitute products with proteins and marine supplements.

When we dive into the business procedures of Vital Choice, it can’t be denied that all of the provided seafood from the company meets the demand of high-quality and sustainable products as their commitment to customers. Even if you do not like shellfish, you will certainly seek another kind of product that is in your favor in the range of salmon, crab, berries, chocolate, and others.

Sustainably caught seafood and organic foods.

You will get overwhelmed when coming with Vital Choice. There are a lot of wild fishes that are caught from Alaska and British Columbia available for sale at Vital Choice. They always offer a variety of natural fishes that you can’t see any else there except Vital Choice while purchasing only. Vital Salmon is one of the top choices for anyone looking for fresh food. All of the products from Vital Choice are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, the State of Alaska’s RFM, and Monterey Bay Aquarium’s seafood watch. You are guaranteed to receive the best quality fish from Vital Choice at a reasonable price.

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Looking around with the products available on the online shop, we can see the diversity of wild fish, shellfish, and marines supplements that deliver nutritional value to your health and body system. From salmon roe, halibut to lobster, whole crab, you can see anything you need here. The preparation instruction including nutritious ingredients of each item will help you know the value of your desired food.

Environmental Influences

Contributing to environmental protection, Vital Choice has launched its green program since its establishment. They commit to shipping materials that are friendly to the environment. Thus, every order will be ensured to deliver by the recycled box. Their charities in environmental organizations like Natural Resources Defense Council or SeaShare are one of the spark points gaining the attention of customers.

The Perfect Support for Customers

Your order on the official website store of Vital Choice will be processed 24/7 without interruption. Their excellent service will support you whenever you have any trouble with your order or during the payment process. As their goodwill, customer rewards have been offered for loyal customers here. You are able to receive a cashback of $5 to $100 when purchasing seafood at Vital Choice. You can keep in touch with customer service by email or by phone from Monday through Friday at the working time from 7 am to 4 pm.

Vital Choice Seafood Price Review

Comparing to its quality, the price offered by Vital Choice is reasonable or even cheaper than expected. We can’t show up all of the prices of each item from this company but will list the top favorite choice from customers that might be in your interest. A lot of products available on the store that you can look for such as canned and pouched seafood, wild-caught fishes, omega-3 supplements, or even flash-frozen berries. Any purchase over $99 will be given the fee for shipping except Hawaii.

Vital Subscription

One of the offers that is suitable for families is three monthly subscription boxes from Vital Choice. This program will allow you to purchase a large amount of seafood at a cheap price for the whole family members. You can freely skip or cancel the subscription without the commitment of a certain time.

  • Wild Salmon Box -$129: Get 2–3 fresh items/month with 10–14 servings
  • Wild Fish Box - $169: Get 4–5 kinds of seafood including salmon, white fish, and tuna/ month with 14–16 servings
  • Wild Seafood Box - $199: Get 6–7 varieties/ month containing all of the wild fishes in a wild fish box and wild shrimp, prawns with 18–22 servings

Vital Subscription

Top Favorite Choice

As stated above, we can’t review all of the products from Vital but you can start with Vital Choice’s best-selling for a first try.

  • $149: Limited Edition Grill Box 2021 having Wild Seafood + Grilling Planks
  • $149 Dr. Sears x Vital Choice Salmon Box providing Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, Silver Salmon, and another 3 species.
  • $15.5 Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon/portion
  • $20.19 For each of 6 oz Wild Alaskan Halibut portions
  • $42 For each 7.5 oz cans of Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon
  • $22.96 Wild Pacific King Salmon (6 oz portions)

Give these products a try for a delicious meal. It is the original price that has not been applied to any discount codes yet. If you want to save more, you can use the Vital Choice discount here.

Vital Choice Rewards Program

For each dollar spend at Vital Choice, you will receive an appropriate point for your order. These points can be redeemed to a discount of cashback ranging from $5. You can receive a discount of up to $100 when signing up for this loyal program from the company. There is no fee for taking part in Vital Choice Rewards, thus, you can start from today to receive the first free 100 points from Vital Choice.

Customer Reviews for Vital Choice

The number of 5-star ratings makes up a large percentage in every rating website and e-commerce platform for about 90% of 11,000+ reviews. These are proved by the correct number of users on Trustpilot. Why don’t we go for Vital Choice for the best service and products?

  • “ I am satisfied with the service. The salmon I bought is delicious I will be trying other seafood thank you” - Voted by Sharon Moyer
  • “Vital Choice is my go to for excellent fresh seafood. We love how well the packaging is and how quickly it arrives frozen, labeled, and ready to place in my freezer. I would recommend King Salmon and the Halibut.” - Said by Lenora K

Shopping online is viral not only for apparel but also for any other kind of product even for seafood. It is hard to maintain the fresh state of food while delivery but Vital Choice can do that. After delving into their business practices, it is worth an investment if you are interested in organic foods. Hope that our review is valuable for your decision.

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