Top Pick Curling Iron for Hard To Curl Hair 2021

Curly hair is always in favor of women that can bring the fashionista look. However, every morning when you wake up, your hair is ruffled and not in order bringing the unconfident to start your day. Then it's time for the help of styling products. But there are a lot of curling irons that put you in a hard decision, you do not know which one is the best for you. Do not worry! We are here with you to solve your current problem.

How do I get my hair to hold a curl?


Whether you spend an hour or even more doing almost everything to remain your perfect curl last through the second day, these curls still fall flat after one night and it takes more time to style these curls again. So are there any ways that could make curls last longer? Here are our tips for you.


Prep Your Hair

Prepping is the most simple way to hold your curls all day long. To make a flawless curl, your hair shouldn’t be too fresh or oil because the curls only work effectively on the right hair texture. It would be better if you style your hair on the second or third day after shampooing. The natural oils from your scalp will maintain the volumize of your curl. One tip to lasting your curl shape is applying holding products before using hair iron, these could locking your curls for such a long time. Some products you could use are mouses, hair sprays, and heat protectants. Just a little amount of hair mousse added from roots to ends, your hair will be shaped perfectly after curling. Based on your hair type, you could choose a suitable product that can support while making your hairstyle.

Best Heated Tool

Nothing is better than having a properly heated tool to create a long-lasting curl. With the high demand for hair styling products, there is a mass heated tool available in the market made in different materials that we could not decide which one is the best. A quality curling tool should have a steady heat distribution and a default temperature set from low to high. It is a supportive function that can hold your hair curling. The inconsistent heat can not make your hair into a mold and your curls will easily drop. We recommend you buy curling tools that are featured by ceramic and tourmaline with modern technology. These will bring the best experience to your home hairstyling.

Let your curls cool before brushing out

If you brush out your hair too soon after curling, it will pull your curls and make it flat. After exposing to the heat from curling iron, your hair needs space to stick into a shape. It will take around 40 seconds to a minute to wait for a fresh curl to cool off; therefore, let them wrapped with clips and set on the top of your head until your curls are ready to blow out. This technique will leave your hair more structured and allow the curls to stay much longer.

Why won't my hair hold a curl with a curling iron?


Sometimes you will wonder why your hair can not curl as easily as others because of the fine hair type even a bunch of things you have done for it. These beachy waves only perform well in a few hours and droop gradually. Let find out the reason why it happens and find out the solution with us.

Using the wrong size barrel

It is an absolutely main reason leading to our current problem. The size of the barrel will define how each strand transforms generally. You could look for more details from our article to choose the right barrel for each kind of hair type here. You could also choose a suitable barrel due to your need. A little note for you is that the big barrel could create light and beautiful waves but it could not last long as a tighter one. If you need a long-lasting curl, a thinner barrel will have more benefit in this case. You could consider using a barrel under 1 ½ inches thick to wrap your hair.

Sectioning your hair

It is needed to divide your hair into various small parts. By this method, every piece of your hair is delivered enough heat to change its form. The missing curly lock will make your hair generally unmanageable and unstructured. Besides, your section hair should fit the size of the barrel, it will maintain an even heat distribution from a curling tool.

Applying too much production

Although the application of holding products is recommended in the above part, the excessive product literally brings an extreme weight to your hair resulting in down curls and waves. Your hair will be too oil or wet to make a curl style with a curling iron. Therefore, take a try with a small amount of gel or cream as a dime or three or four pumps of spray before using the heated tool.

Best curling iron for hard to curl hair


Through the mentioned information, we can not deny the importance of the best curling iron, right? In this part, we will list some items that have the best quality in the market.

Chi Lava Ceramic Curling Iron

This iron is made from Volcanic Lava and Ceramic which support the constant heat delivery and limit the heat damage to your scalp. The temperature can be changed due to its installed adjustable function. With a barrel size of 1.25”, Chi Lava Ceramic 1.25'' Curling Iron reduces frizz and leaves a flawless feeling to your curls. 

Chi Lava Ceramic 1.25'' Curling Iron

Chi Lava Ceramic 1.25'' Curling Iron from Ulta

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BIO IONIC Curl Expert Pro Curling Iron

It is one of the items having a high rate in the beauty community. With its long barrel and Bioceramic heaters, BIO IONIC curling Iron allows the steady temperature to evenly absorb the hair shaft creating long-lasting curls for your long hair. Why should we not give it a try for your hairstyle? For $130, you can own this one from Amazon. Do not forget to apply for a discount code from Findcouponhere.

BIO IONIC Curl Expert Pro Curling Iron

BIO IONIC Curl Expert Pro Curling Iron from Amazon


Conair Double Ceramic

Conair Double Ceramic is the best choice for classic curls. It is featured with double ceramic and 30 heat settings which will provide an even heat distribution and a degree up to 375F. You could hold your curls longer by birling your hair around this 1” barrel. Moreover, this item is purchased by more than 17,000 consumers from Amazon and still a best-selling from Amazon until now. You can buy it today with its sale price of $12.17.

Conair Double Ceramic

Conair Double Ceramic from Amazon

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Ghd Curling Irons

This high-end Curling Iron will work well on your short and fine hair. With its unique Ultra-zoneTM technology, Ghd Curling Iron delivers consistent heating to each of your strands and transforms your fine hair into bouncy curls. While using this item, your scalp and strands are protected against heat damage by Ghd cool tip making it different from others in the market. 

Ghd Curling Irons

Ghd Curling Irons from Amazon


Drybar The 3-Day Bender 1.25" Digital Curling Iron

You will absolutely obsessed with this curling iron by its appearance and the final result after using it. This item will form your hair both bleached and normal one into gorgeous waves and circles which could last all day. 

Drybar The 3-Day Bender 1.25" Digital Curling Iron

Drybar The 3-Day Bender 1.25" Digital Curling Iron from Sephora

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BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

If you find a curling iron that can provide a high heat setting, you can consider this product from Babyliss. With 50 heat settings, it can heat up to 450F. This temperature can easily change due to Turbo heat. In addition, the combination of 1-1/2'' Nano Titanium/ceramic barrel and Sol-Gel technology smooth your strands leaving a volumize feeling to your curls. 

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron from Ulta

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BaBylissPRO Graphite Titanium Curling Iron

Another product from Babyliss we suggest is BaBylissPRO Graphite Titanium Curling Iron. You can create a variety of curly styles lasting for 2 days by its 1'' barrel. You can get this item from Ulta for $74.99 and try it at home for professional styling as a salon.

BaBylissPRO Graphite Titanium Curling Iron

BaBylissPRO Graphite Titanium Curling Iron from Ulta

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Creating flawless waves and curls is hard but maintaining it is much harder. A wide range of curling irons is sold in the market but not all of these will work perfectly for you. We hope that this sharing will support you in the choosing process. Do not forget to save discounts, coupons, and promo codes from our website.

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