Knix vs Thinx - The Non-stop Battle In The Lingerie Industry

Want to know the difference between Knix vs Thinx underwear? Don’t worry, we have got your back! We have been asked all the time about them so today we will give you a detailed comparison through this guide to help you find out which is the most suitable item for you.

Take a closer look at Knix vs Thinx period underwear

Many of you may have heard of the word “period underwear”, but have you ever actually do research to see what actually are they? We could say that period panties are underwear specially made for you to wear during “that time of the month”. 

Most of these period underwears work in a similar way: Using the multi-layers fabric particularly designed at the gusset to absorb menstrual blood. These undergarments can take the place of other disposable hygiene products such as pads or tampons. The most exclusive thing about these products is they are reusable, you can just wash them and re-wear them the next day.

knix vs thinx underwear

Thinx vs Knix - The top rivalries in the lingerie industry

What’s good about Knix underwear?

Knix is a Toronto-based lingerie company founded by Joanna Griffiths that sells bras and underwear. The best-known item of this brand is their leakproof underwear, which is also the first product the brand launched back in 2013.

The founder stated that these underwear are designed to bring women ultimate comfort when they are on their period. They don’t even have to worry about leaks throughout the whole day.

How about Thinx underwear?

Meanwhile, Thinx is an underwear company whose headquarters are located in New York. Thinx was found by Miki Agrawal in 2011 with the mission to break the taboo about menstruation. The whole company has been working hard ever since to find out what is the best way to stop period to stop interrupting their days. Thinx’s products come in a wide variety of styles and colors that suitable for every woman on almost every occasion. 

Knix vs Thinx: Material Comparision

For Knix, most of their underwear is designed in a similar way with a stretchy fabric. Both the regular line and the period underwear are seamless. The different feature is that with leakproof underwear, the body is made from nylon and spandex while the lined crotched part is made from cotton.

knix underwear materials

Knix underwear is claimed to make with stretchy and comfortable fabric


As for Thinx, the majority of their menstrual underwear is made with organic cotton, which is very for those who have sensitive skin. The remaining material of the body is elastane while the gusset part is made of polyester. This material can make your Thinx underwear last up to 2 years if they are well taken care of.

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Knix vs Thinx: Absorbency Comparision

As stated in an interview, Knix’s founder - Joanna Griffiths, they have various styles of period panties that hold different amounts of liquid. Depends on what item you are using, their underwear can absorb up to three teaspoons of leaks (which equals two tampons). There are many influencers who have tried these Knix products and they have come to an end that underwear can hold up to 14ml of menstrual blood. 

At the same time, Thinx underwear is said to have a little more absorbency comparing to the one from Knix’s. For example, the super-hiphugger line can absorb from 18 to 36ml, which is almost three regular tampons’ worth of flow.

thinx technology

Thinx's 4-layers leakproof technology

Knix vs Thinx: Style, Colors and Size Comparision

Style and Colors

At first, Knix chose to launch the first three styles which are cheeky, bikini, and thong. Later on, they have developed more line-ups to fit every occasion such as boyshorts, highrise, etc. Knix once said that they do value quality over appearance, that’s why they tried to minimize their selection as much as possible. When you come to their website, you will mostly find some simple designs with basic and neutral colors, such as black, nude, or pink.

While with Thinx, we could say that Thinx has a wider variety of styles as well as colors and patterns to choose from. As for style, it should depend on your flow during your period. On your heavier days, you can choose the style that has high absorbency such as the super-hiphugger or the super hi-waist. Meanwhile. Other styles like Thong, Boyshort, or Bikini have less coverage and absorbency. They all come in different colors from neutrals like nude, black, gray to brighter colors like pink, purple or red.

thinx underwear style

Many reviewers said that Thinx has a wider variety of styles as well as colors

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Both of these two brands provide an extremely wide range of sizes since they have always wanted to make women feel comfortable while looking beautiful at the same time. Every model of Knix has sizes from S to 3XL while Thinx has a smaller one which is XXS. Especially with Speax line-up, Thinx even offers up to bigger sizes such as 5XL!

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Knix vs Thinx: Safety Comparision

Some people are still being skeptical about “period underwear” because lots of reports have shown that these can contain PFAS, which are chemicals that can be really dangerous if they’re added to the making process. Fortunately, Knix has got the jump on this issue by pursuing extra third-party for testing and happy to say that their products are PFAS free.

Meanwhile, Thinx has gotten into a lot of controversial issues due to this problem. It was when a scientist pointed out that Thinx underwear, especially the organic brief and the organic BTWN shorts had high levels of PFAS, which can cause many bacteria problems. But as soon as the controversy broke out, Thinx has shared the lab test results and claimed that there were no chemicals detected in their underwear.

Knix vs Thinx: Price Comparision

The only thing that makes people puzzled before getting themself a pair of this period panties is their price range. Since they are created with special fabric and higher technology, a singer pair is much more expensive than your regular underwear even though they are indeed, reusable. A pair of Knix underwear can range from 23$ to 38$ while the Thinx one can be a little bit pricier, which is from 30$ to 42$. 

thinx price range

The comfort will make your underwear worth the price!

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In conclusion, I could say that each brand has its own strengths. Depending on what your priorities are, you can always find the perfect pair of underwear, whether it’s Knix or Thinx that makes you feel confident and comfortable. I hope this guide will help you to choose your perfect pair of period underwear that you care about most. And don't forget to use your favorite Thinx Promo Codes while you're shopping online!

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