Jackson Hewitt Stimulus Check 2021: What you need to know

The third round of stimulus checks is coming. For over $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan is prepared for the next release of Stimulus from URS. Are you ready for this round? Jackson Hewitt is working extremely hard for their customers to have their third stimulus check as soon as possible. Keep reading with us for more detail of the third stimulus check and define whether you are eligible for this stimulus check or not.

Who is eligible for a third stimulus check?

To receive your refund due to the error of the IRS, you will need to check the requirement of this Stimulus Check. In the last two stimulus deposits, the stimulus payment of each qualified individual, child, and dependent under 16 is $600, for married or joint filers are $1200. For this third round, the federal government tends to issue $1,400 stimulus checks for each American.

This refund will be deposited to people who are US citizens or permanent residents in the United States. This also means that no age limit is declared for this third stimulus check. Payment is accepted for university students and adult staff, however, most of them will not receive the deposits personally. The taxpayer who reports the tax deduction error will get the Dependent stimulus checks.

Although there are a lot of concerns related to the income thresholds for this third release in Congress, the condition for income is unchanged. Here are the income requirement and the corresponding refund.

  • Individuals without dependents who have an adjusted gross income (AGI) of $75,000 or less will be deposited $1400.
  • Ahead of household who has AGI of $112,500 or less also get a full refund of $1400.
  • Married or joint filers who have an AGI of $150,000 or less will receive $2,800 in this third stimulus check.

Regarding The New York Times, anyone earning more than 80,000 will receive a limited refund from this stimulus check. This also happens with married couples earning over $160,000 and family heads earning over $120,000. If you need more information, please contact Jackson Hewitt for more details.

How to Get Stimulus Checks Direct Deposit

Same as the last two issued rounds, the third stimulus check is also automatically refunded to you when you are eligible. Receiving by Direct Deposit is the most convenient way.

1. If you have already provided the right deposit information for your 2019 tax return

You don't need to do anything else when your tax return for 2019 with the IRS has already been filed with your correct direct deposit information.

2. If your 2019 tax return has not yet been filed

In the case that you have not submitted your 2019 tax return to IRS, it is essential to file it electronically. There are a lot of tax preparation companies that provide tax services for your filing including Jackson Hewitt. You can file your federal tax on the Jackson Hewitt official website free if your tax deduction isn’t complicated. The return form can also be filed through the IRS website. Remember to choose direct deposit during the tax filing process and fill in the form with the necessary information.

3. If there is no need for a 2019 income tax return for your case

Instead of filing a 2019 income tax return, some people who are not required for it will submit their information to Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info from the IRS. These people are:

  • Individuals: Income less than $12,200
  • Married and filing jointly: Income less than $24,400
  • Every people with no income

If you are in this group, the IRS will ask you for some detailed information related to personal information such as your email address, name, Social Security number, Bank account number, IP PIN, and more. You can check on the IRS website.

4. If you receive a Social Security

According to the announcement of the Treasury, there is no need for you to file a tax return for a stimulus check. The payment will be back to your account automatically when your direct deposit information is submitted to the IRS.

5. If your bank account on your tax return form is invalid or not active

When the information of your bank account is incorrect and needed for your confirmation, the IRS will contact you through the mail which you provided to the IRS before in the tax return form. A check may be sent to you in the email.

6. If you have already filed a 2020 income tax return

If your 2020 income tax return was filed, there is no need for you to do any additional action. Your 2020 income tax return will be processed by the IRS. The additional payment will be issued in 2021 to people who have not got a third stimulus payment. You can check this amount through the Get My Payment Page from the IRS. You are also given a Notice 1444-C for your payment in 2021. If you do not receive this additional, you can keep the notice to have your refund in 2022.

When is Jackson Hewitt releasing stimulus checks?

Due to Jackson Hewitt, the refund is expected to release from 1st February. The third economic impact payment will be issued by the IRS, not from Jackson Hewitt. And the stimulus payment will not be sent to Jackson Hewitt. The stimulus refund is only transferred to people who file for the tax return through Direct Deposit. You can start to file your tax return from now on the Jackson Hewitt website without a fee then the IRS will issue accordingly.

According to the statement of the IRS, the third stimulus checking will be processing throughout 2021. Don’t worry if you have not received the payment yet. With a huge amount of requests all over the US, the refund will be checked step by step to avoid error. Therefore, rest assured that your refund will be back in your account this year.

Did Jackson Hewitt receive stimulus checks?

One noticeable piece of information for people who are concerning about stimulus payment and currently using the service from Jackson Hewitt is that there are no stimulus funds sent to Jackson Hewitt serve cards. It will be back to your account which you submitted to the IRS on your latest tax filing.

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It is a complicated process if you have not dived into the stimulus checks and the basic knowledge about the third release. If you have not received your first or second stimulated payments, you can also follow up on our guide or use the service from Jackson Hewitt. Hope that our information will help you more confident for the next round of stimulus release. If you have any more useful information, let us know and we will share them with others.

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