Jackson Hewitt vs H&R Block vs Turbotax: Which Online Tax Service is Better?

Another tax season is coming and the consideration between choosing DIY tax preparation and ask for support from professionals leave you a hard decision. A variety of online tax services are available facilitating the filing process but it even makes you more confused. We recognize your situation and list out the most three popular firms that guarantee the biggest tax return for you. What is the best? Which one is a good fit for your current income? Learn more with us in this article.

Is Jackson Hewitt, TurboTax, or H&R Block better?

If you are looking for an online service that can let you quickly report your incomes and others from your financial data to your tax forms, TurboTax is a good fit. Quickbook is the spark software from TurboTax that can automatically transfer all of the needed data for filing tax preparation.

H&R Block works better for DIY filing options at a reasonable price. According to the customer’s review from Trustpilot. Most of the simple tax cases having fewer tax deductions cost less expensive than TurboTax.

The noticeable feature of Jackson Hewitt is its refund insurance program that ensures the best benefit for you named Worry-Free Guarantee. When the result of Jackson Hewitt’s tax service is not as you expected such as additional tax liabilities or a lower refund, you are ensured to receive compensation.

While TurboTax is more user-friendly, Jackson Hewitt and H&R Block offer more beneficial online tax preparation. Based on your needs, situation, and places, you can opt for the most suitable one. Let see the differences between these three companies.

Turbotax: Best Online Tax Service having User-Friendly Software

Coming with Turbotax’s online platform, you will experience the best user interface that facilitates your filing journey – Quickbooks. Besides the various option for your tax return as other competitors in the market, they also provide a free version that will let you file your simple tax case for a tax return through Quickbooks.

TurboTax Plan


Free Edition








*These prices do not include discounts

Using the service from Turbotax, there is no need for you to report your tax document by yourself, through taking a photo of your documents and uploading it on their app or website, they will automatically add the necessary data to your tax form. It will save your time for W-2 forms and 1099s.

The Deluxe option is the most common option that is designed for a tax credit. People who use this plan will be guaranteed to receive a maximum refund of over 350 tax deductions. For those who are investors or homeowners, TurboTax Premier is a perfect edition. More special of its wonderful UI is a new free tool named Aid Assist without the requirement for signing up. Whether you are an individual or a representative of a small company, this support tool will determine the tax of the Paycheck Protection Program and other programs whether you are qualified or not.

Finally, its live personal support defeats another competitor in the market making it the first position in tax preparation in the US. When you are filing taxes online, you can use the live video chat which is free for support. Or hiring a professional for Turbo Live who will check your tax preparation and ensure the best result before reporting to IRS.

H&R Block: Best Price Option

Another incredible software tax service that helps your tax filing simpler is H&R block. Comparing to TurboTax, UI from the H&R Block platform is not as ultimate as Turbo but still has the basic options such as phone or chat support. However, it is not for free option. For tax documentations, same as Turbo, you don’t need to enter the data, you can upload directly on their app or web. But H&R Block app can’t recognize the data from a photo as Turbo so TurtoTax is more advance. H&R Block designs their suggestion as a survey of few questions, thus, through the final result of the survey, they will offer an option matching your tax situation.

H&R Block Options










H&R Block offers the best Free edition that works for everyone including individuals, families, students, and the uninsured while Turbo or Jackson Hewitt doesn’t provide. The free option is suitable for people who have only W-2 income and unemployment income. Although H&R Block has the same services as Turbo, their price is cheaper.

You can also hire a tax expert from H&R Block who will take the rest of your work right after you import your financial data to the firm. This option will require extra money but worth an investment. But online tax prep portal might be an ideal plan if your tax deduction is not complicated. If you are looking for an alternative option for Turbo Tax that has a cheaper price, H&R Block is a good fit.

Jackson Hewitt: Best All-in-one Online Tax Service

The final company we recommend for an excellent tax service is Jackson Hewitt who is the second-largest tax preparation in the US. The widespread of their franchised and owner companies across the US allows you to use the service from them anywhere you need. You also can use tax service from the local Walmart who is the partner of Jackson Hewitt in over 3000 locations. When using the service from here, you will impress by its versatile features.

Jackson Hewitt Options








Like other competitors, Jackson Hewitt provides the 3 tier approaches for each type of filers. These prices don’t include the state filing which will cost an extra fee. For anyone who has an income over $100,000, they should choose the premier edition. The Deluxe option will maximize the refund for homeowners, parents, and retirees.
If you don’t prefer these editions, the special one-size-fits-all package of the company will help you. From $50 for both federal return and state returns, your tax return will be taken responsibility. Rest assured that every filer can apply for this option.

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In conclusion, each of the companies has its strength and can support you for the biggest tax return. Based on your tax situation, you can choose which one is the most valuable. We hope that our review can provide helpful information to you. Take a note that, all of the prices mentioned above don’t include discounts. We post a lot of promotions from Jackson Hewitt, H&R Block, and TurboTax, don’t forget to gain the bargain.

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