How Much Does Jackson Hewitt Service Cost?

Looking for a company that can bring the best solution for your tax return? You used to try for a professional for your tax preparation but have not received the appropriate answer. Jackson Hewitt who places the second position tax-preparation service in the US can support you. If you are still wondering about their service and fees, our article will cover all the necessary information for you.

Who is the perfect candidate for Jackson Hewitt Service?

Before providing the service fees from Jackson Hewitt, we first provide some helpful information that can let you figure out whether the service from this company is suitable for you or not. Jackson Hewitt is well known for its tax preparation solution but because it is designed as a fast and convenient service so it would be better for people who want an all-in-one method in the tax filing process. If you are looking for a service that offers multiple options for online filing, we are afraid that Jackson Hewitt can’t meet your needs. The company also has tax professionals who will follow your case when you book for advice in person on their official website or go for the offline office.

Filing Taxe Return Options from Jackson Hewitt and Fees

There are two main options for your tax filing including online and in-store. No matter what service you choose, they will offer the best tax return solution for you. The price of these services will be various so let take a look with us.

Online filing with Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt delivers three filing options that customers can do simply on their website. One of these is free while the other two charge a certain price of $29.99 and $49.99 accordingly. Your tax situation will determine which type of Jackson Hewitt’s plan is suitable for you. Due to the specific plan’s form, the appropriate option is given to you. For example, the plan of $49.99 is advised for people who have self-employed income. If you are worried about your first time using the Jackson Hewitt service, the detailed instruction will allow you to file your tax return step by step.

The maximum refund guarantee from Jackson Hewitt is provided during the filing process. This refund will be transferred to your account when any mistake from Jackson Hewitt’s services happens as compensation.

Free Online Tax Filing Option with Jackson Hewitt

Let your federal returns and all state returns file free from the Jackson Hewitt app or official website. This is a perfect option for people who have not married yet and live alone with a total income of less than $100,000 or only W-2 income. The free option will allow you to file your tax easily but the requirement for a pre-report of last year’s tax return is needed to facilitate the filing.

Deluxe Tax Filing Option with Jackson Hewitt

This offer will charge a total fee of $66.98 for both federal filing and state filing. This option is perfect for families, homeowners, and retirees. When you sign up for this option from Jackson Hewitt for a tax return, the appropriate deduction will be evaluated automatically right after you fill in enough information on the form of the plan.

Premier Tax Filing Option with Jackson Hewitt

For those who are self-employed taxpayers or have a complex tax situation, this advanced plan is a good fit. To apply for this plan, you will need to pay a total of $86.98 including $49.99 for a federal return and $36.99 for a state return. This Premier Option will let you report the mortgage interest or other investment on stocks and bonds while the other two options can’t do that.

In-Store filing with a Tax professional

If you do not prefer online software, you can book an appointment for a professional from Jackson Hewitt. The company currently has more than 6000 offices across the US so that you can pick the nearest one for convenience. You can also use tax services from Jackson Hewitt located in about 3000 Walmart stores. The professionals who have deep knowledge about tax codes and economic laws can bring the solution for your tax return and help you receive the biggest refund according to your current situation. Due to the complex tax situation and the locations, the tax service fees will be determined before starting the consultation. You can refer to the tax service fee from the Walmart location which costs at least $48 for each appointment from Jackson Hewitt.

Refund Advance Tax Loan of Jackson Hewitt

The most appealing program from Jackson Hewitt is Refund Advance Tax Loan which will let you access the money if you are in urgent. Jackson Hewitt will support you to receive the tax return in advance as a loan interest-free. Three offers are available based on your need including No Fee Refund Advance, Go Big Refund Advance, and Early Refund Advance. You don’t need to pay any extra cost for the first option No Fee Refund Advance. But when go for two others, the interest rate will be given to you.

How much does Jackson Hewitt charge per w2?

When you choose to file for your tax return by W2 Form, Jackson Hewitt will ask you to pay the fee of $135 for both single and joint groups. If this fee is not as you expect, you can look for online DIY Software from Jackson Hewitt. Opt for a specific option from the app is a good selection that you can consider for tax advice.

how much does jackson hewitt charge per w2

How much does Jackson Hewitt charge to amend taxes?

You forgot to report your income or deduction for the tax, you will need to correct your mistake by asking for the amended taxes which are needed to follow Form 1040 or 1040-SR ( which used to be known as 1040EZ). From 2020, you can file your amended taxes electronically through the software of Jackson Hewitt. You can opt for a tax solution of $29.99 or $49.99 which are mentioned above.

Form 1040X from Jackson Hewitt

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Due to the best service and the reasonable price, Jackson Hewitt has built up its position in the market and tent to replace the first place in tax preparation service. If you are seeking a professional tax service or DIY software that can help you file the tax return effectively, you won't be wrong when going for Jackson Hewitt. The mentioned price is based on the current statistic published on the official website of the company, if there are any changes from them, we will be back and let you know. There are several ways to save more when booking service at the company but the most simple method is applying discounts and coupons for your purchase. We update the latest promotions on our website that you might be interested in.

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