AAA Or Good Sam - A Comparison Of Two Roadside Assistance Services

Nothing may derail your journey faster than a breakdown on the road. A decent roadside assistance package might come in handy. Which roadside assistance provider is better for you, Good Sam or AAA? Both programs provide roadside assistance, but there are distinctions between them that may make one a better fit for you. Consider FindCouponHere’s a comparison of these two roadside help services before making your ultimate selection.

Overview Of AAA’s Background

AAA, founded in the early twentieth century in 1902, is an association of numerous automobile clubs with an international presence. Its activities included providing its members with recommendations for suitable motels while on a road trip, as well as maps. AAA has also participated in auto racing and road safety programs.

Some AAA clubs maintain an automotive fleet to service the bulk of their members while contracting out the surplus to private businesses. AAA sells roadside help packages for a variety of motor vehicles, and in some areas, it also provides bicycle roadside assistance.

Overview Of Good Sam’s Background

Good Sam Club, founded in 1966, is a worldwide RVer group and one of the largest of its kind. If a club member decides to stay the night at a Good Sam-affiliated establishment, they will receive a 10% discount. To join the organization, all Good Sam-associated locations must meet a set of service criteria. While the Good Sam Club primarily serves RV parks and campsites, it also provides services such as roadside assistance and RV insurance for a charge.

AAA Vs Good Sam Similarities

Multiple Subscription Options: Both firms provide a variety of subscription plans at various pricing ranges. For maximum coverage and protection, you may expect to pay approximately $130 per year, for example. If you simply need minimal coverage – for instance, for emergency roadside assistance – the most basic plan costs $60 to $80 per year.

All Vehicles Are Covered: AAA and Good Sam cover all vehicles, including motorcycles, RVs, trailers, light trucks, SUVs, and automobiles. Both organizations define a light truck as anything having a load capacity of 1,500 to 4,000 pounds. There are no additional fees for any of these cars.

Smartphone Applications: Both AAA and Good Sam have mobile apps. Install the applications on your phone, and you'll be able to use roadside assistance or other membership services whenever you want.

Trip Planning: Although AAA and Good Sam are most known for their roadside help, both groups provide travel planning to their members. With AAA and Good Sam, you may get travel savings, vacation packages, free road maps, and other services.

Customer Service: Both Good Sam and AAA provide customer service by phone, email, and an online form.

Insurance: Both AAA and Good Sam are associated with insurance companies, which allows members to receive savings on auto insurance.

Travel Interruption Coverage: Both AAA and Good Sam cover travel disruptions, which means you'll get reimbursed for food and accommodation if your car breaks down more than 100 miles from home.

AAA Vs Good Sam Differences

Here's a comparison of two roadside assistance plans based on plan pricing, the number of service calls permitted, and other coverage information. 


AAA's basic plan begins around $60 per year, whilst Good Sam's yearly coverage is $79.95 per year. You must first get car coverage from AAA before adding on your RV membership - the cost above includes both. (AAA rates vary by state; price is based on Florida membership.)

For new members, Good Sam provides fantastic prices. After the first year, your rates will rise, but they will remain competitive with AAA. AAA's rates are quite steady. I've been a member for a long time, and they don't change much.

Additional Person Coverage: 

Both businesses provide the essentials – battery service, gasoline delivery, flat tire service, and locksmiths – with just minor coverage variations. Good Sam charges no fees to add another person to your plan, but AAA costs $34 per year.

AAMCO savings are available through Good Sam, while AAA gives discounts at Napa Auto Parts.

AAA also provides discounts to attractions such as amusement parks and movie theaters. I frequently utilize my AAA hotel discount, but I could simply switch to looking for Good Sam deals instead. Trip Tiks and maps are provided free of charge by AAA. Maps may appear antiquated in the era of GPS, but they might come in helpful if your GSP freezes.

Call Limits: 

Good Sam allows 5 free service calls per year, whereas AAA allows 4 free service calls per year.

Towing Limitations: 

Good Sam has no towing limits, but AAA has a 5-mile limit (on its standard plan). The main distinction here is that you may choose where you want to be towed with AAA. It does not have to be the most convenient service center.

If you're close to your favorite store, you can tow it there or back home. That can be a significant benefit. This provides AAA with a significant edge in this category. The one restriction is that if you are more than 100 miles from a repair facility (which is unlikely) or break down more than four times per year, Good Sam's unlimited towing would be a greater advantage.

The Table Of Highlighting AAA Vs Good Sam Differences



Good Sam

  • 3 Plans to support roadside
  • Assistance 24/7 Roadside
  • Seven days return policy for over 61 million members
  • Four Tows with coverage of Plus RV (400 total miles) are available from AAA and a Tow with a coverage of 200 miles (500 total miles).
  • 24/7 Service Massive Roadside Assistance Membership
  • Several plans to choose
  • Unlimited trailing miles 
  • The average time of arrival for roadside support is 45-60 minute

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Final Words

AAA versus Good Sam roadside aid, without taking into account your travel scenario, is not simple to choose the winner of this contest. Depending on the person, preferences and interests vary greatly, thus no one choice could please everyone. But I hope this post will enable you to understand the importance of roadside support and which supplier is the most appropriate to you.


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